November 20, 2014

Hop, Skip, Jump book

I read books for inspiration and often myself resisting to the philosophy yet forcing myself to give it the old college try in hopes of me too gaining the success promised in their pages. At the first opening of "Hop, Skip, Jump", I felt like my mind, body and emotions were calling out, “YES!” I have found my tribe with the philosophy of the creative motivation of this author. I agree! I agree! We are definitely on the same page. My heart soars rather than resists these concepts. I breathe deeper.
I love the extreme quantity of fabulous and creative exercises (75!) to try that can cause a pleasant shift in my thinking while having fun doing it. The author totally gives the reader permission to play with each of the (yes, 75!) ideas to make them their own and fit with their goals in bringing them to completion.
I especially loved #18 the "Plan-it-arium" where after naming my Plan-it, I identified my sun of inspiration (for me - art journaling) and my black holes that don’t serve me anymore. I was able to visualize the wormhole tunnel connecting me to that parallel universe where my plan is already a reality. Actually making a colorful visual on paper helps to manifest my intentions. Using "Hop, Skip, Jump" as art prompts has given me inspiration to move closer to being my best self. For those who want to actually make visuals of your process to completion, this is a great resource. For those who just love reading the entertaining style of this author, you will not be disappointed. 5 stars surrounding my Plan-it. 

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