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Janet Laird

Art for Insight artist, Janet Laird is a local Cadiz mixed-media artist who uses words and color to express her thoughts on any given day. Using watercolors, inks, various papers along with fibers, her simple banners and cards inspire happiness. Formerly struggling with anxiety and depression, she now walks in wellness and self-expression. Being a mental health Peer Support Specialist, Janet supports others who live with similar experiences. Art for Insight was created as an interactive, exploratory support for those who wanted a deeper understanding and insight of their W.R.A.P. ® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) self-management system. Through the use of art prompts similar to journal prompts, participants are able to visualize what is important to them to achieve and increase wellness in their lives rather than the anguish of distress. Utilizing Wellness Tools to change the focus from distress to wellness really works and Janet finds that expressing in words and art is her number one Wellness Tool. Her colorful art has come from a journey of self-exploration and discovery. She enjoys articulating what is inside through the use of simple words or phrases with colors. 
                          Learn more about Janet’s art at www.JanetLaird.blogspot.com

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