Art for Insight

Art for Insight is an interactive, exploratory support for those who want a deeper understanding and insight of their W.R.A.P.® (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) self-management system. Through the use of art prompts similar to journal prompts, called ARTsignments, participants are able to visualize what is important to them to achieve and increase wellness in their lives.


Art for Insight is a fascinating way of exploring all the parts of your WRAP through self-expression, which enhances empowerment. Sessions are carried out through online Skype sessions, phone calls and emails in the comfort of your own home. No previous art experience is necessary. Using color and simple shapes, you will discover a richer understanding of your WRAP. The parts of your WRAP that you desire to strengthen can be addressed specifically or the overall wellness plan.

Art for Insight is presented with the same type of encouragement, compassion and respect used in the Values and Ethics of WRAP Workshops. I am a  W.R.A.P. Facilitator certified through the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery since 2005.


Art for Insight costs $20 per hour-long sessions and is payable through Pay Pal and can be scheduled at your convenience. Minimal supplies are needed such as markers and paper but your creativity is the limit if you have your own supplies that you are comfortable with. Ideas for more supplies for self-expression can be discussed and planned for ahead of time if you desire. New techniques can easily be presented in a way that is non-threatening and simple to achieve.

Art for Insight is a creative way to deepen understanding of your WRAP. You can choose a section of your WRAP you would like to strengthen and I will support you in creating art to visually express that area. ARTsignments are suggested and I will walk you through the process in a compassionate way to bring insight. After the session, you are emailed the instructions to repeat on your own along with photos for examples. You may share the ARTsignments with your W.R.A.P.® Workshops if you are a certified W.R.A.P.® Facilitator with credit given to Janet Laird.

 Early Warning Sign of Red Flags altered book 

If you are unfamiliar with Skype, contact me and I will walk you through the free and simple process. There is no charge for opening a Skype account. All that is required is a web camera along with your internet connection.

Wellness Tools List
Trigger Action Plan
Early Warning Signs Action Plan
Wellness Tools List

Example of enhancing the concept of What I Am Like When I Am Feeling Well using markers and colored paper.

Example of Gratitude Garland Kit.

A jar of Wellness Tool ideas to draw out when needed.


Using colored markers, you can create a word collage of What You Are Like When You Are Feeling Well.

Art for Insight author, Janet Laird is available at:

Contact me to learn more about ART for INSIGHT sessions.

 Handmade book made out of recycled CDs

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  1. What a wonderful process, Janet! I was recently certified as a Color of Woman teacher & Intentional Creativity® coach, and our processes and projects sound very similar! Engaging in conscious creativity is so healing!!
    Blessings on your work, it's so needed!


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