July 17, 2019

Recent Art

 July 17, 2019

Independence Day Art

Containers for my handmade books

June 23, 2019

Latest Book Art

 I have been making lots of book art lately:

Two envelopes and a Grieving Garland Kit


Book from old maps made into pockets, magnet closures.

Pocket book made from old maps and scrapbook paper.

Back spine.

Purple and pink, three signatures

Two Jello Books

Three signatures and button closure.

Jello book with pockets and tags.

Four Grieving Garland Kits



Four Signatures. Bristol paper cover with watercolor powders.

 Pink pages inside with pockets and tags

Blizzard books with old map covers


Two toilet paper roll books painted with watercolor powders


Banners for sale at the Princeton, Kentucky Art Guild