January 29, 2013

Free Art for Insight Consulting Session

I am giving away a free one hour Art for Insight consulting session through Skype. 
The winner will receive a free, one-on-one Skype session at your convenience with me to discuss strengthening your WRAP by using art.
Make a comment answering the question: In what way was your WRAP strengthened by attending the 2013 WRAP Around the World conference?
A winner will be picked later in the week and notified through the comment contact.


  1. Your workshop was my favorite one at the conference. I realized in depth just how much the creative process impacts my WRAP and my life experience in general. I think the workshop clarified that reinforcing your WRAP through art is easy, relaxing and does not have to cost a lot of money. I left the workshpp feeling inspired and more hopeful that I can incorporate art into my own WRAP and also use it to make the WRAP workshops that I facilitate more fun and meaningful. Your Art For Insight Workshop at the WRAP Around The World Conference was outstanding thanks to your enthusiasm and warm, wonderful facilitation.

  2. Bronwyn, You are the WINNER. YEA!!! Balloons, party hats galore! I will email you with the details about your free consultation session. Thank you for your kind words.