November 5, 2015

Wellness Eating

What does my body feel like, nutritionally, when I am doing well, enough?

There is lots of contrary information on what to eat to be our best. Drink coffee, don't drink coffee. Soy is good for you, stay away from soy...  It's confusing.

It is important to find out what works for you individually. If you are more like your list of What I Am Like When I Am Feeling Well by eating meat, then that is your Wellness Tool. If staying away from eating dairy works for you, then do that. Also, keep in mind what worked for you a few years ago might not be what is best for you at this point in your life.

Keep trying various Wellness Tools when it comes to nutrition intake. Be open to what might work at this time. Use Micromovements when addressing your nutrition by taking it at a comfortable pace of introducing various nutrients. Try new recipes occasionally. See how they make you feel in your digestion and your mood.

Here is another list of what works for some people from the folks at:

Each month they cover a different theme for feeling well.Although they claim it is based on research, it is essential that we do what works for us individually to develop our personal Wellness Plan regardless of what research may show. You are unique and have unique circumstances not always covered in research projects. I find most of the information shared on their site useful to consider. 

What resources have you found beneficial to educate yourself on Wellness Tools?

We educate ourselves on what works for us. We implement our Action Plans. We self-advocate to get our needs met. We have Wellness Tools that work for us long term to support our Wellness.We access support that truly helps us along our wellness journey. Its what we do - we organically live our WRAP!

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