September 11, 2015

Wellness Tools vs. Coping Skills

I think of the term coping skills as more of a short term activity to get through the moment. Diversionary Activities is a term used in W.R.A.P. (Wellness Recovery Action Plan). It is doing something in the moment to distract us from the effects of Triggers.
Wellness Tools have lasting positive effects. With Wellness Tools, I will still feel good later, that I did them. Yelling at someone might help me cope in the moment, but later I might feel bad about it and see how I could have handled it more effectively. Self- expression in a more self-respectful way might be a better Wellness Tool.
Using a coping skill in the moment isn't necessarily a Wellness Tool.Wellness Tools help me not only cope, but flourish and brings me closer to my list of What I Am Like When I Am Feeling Well.

*Accept that stuff happens *Acknowledge how I feel is OK and it is part of the process *Acknowledge my needs and expressing them *Address situations logically, objectively and positively *Adequate sleep *Affirming and positive people *Allowing adequate time for each activity *Alternative health care *Anticipating potential triggers *Art *Asking questions *Asserting myself *Being alone *Being in the Wise Mind/Self *Bouncing ideas off a friend *Boundaries *Brainstorming for solutions *Breaks *Bubble baths *Calendars and keeping appointments *Canceling appointments and retreating from “doing” *Candles *Cell phones *Changing my situation *Choices *Chocolate *Clarification *Clean bed sheets *Clean environment *Cleaning up after myself *Collage *Comfortable clothes *Comforting myself * Connection with others *Connecting with nature *Cooking and baking *Crying *Daily hygiene *Dance *DBT skills *Decluttering *Deep breathing *Diversionary activities *Documenting my moods *Doing something special for someone else *Drinking water *Eating healthy *Educating myself *Email *Exercise *Family *Field trips *Focusing exercises - asking what is separating me from being OK *Following my intuition *Free association list *Friends *Fun activities *Future plans *Gaining knowledge *Gardening *Getting the mail *Giving gifts *Giving myself permission *Goals *Gratitude list *Guided imagery * Having a focus *Having vision *Health care providers *Hobbies *Holidays *Hot Tubs *Identifying triggers *IFS *Imagining a time I felt grounded and less fragmented *Inspirational literature *Journaling *Knowing hope *Laughter *List of accomplishments * Maintaining balance *Mantras *Massage *Medication *Meditation *Mindfulness *Mini vacations *Minimize stress *Movies *Music *NVC *Ongoing achievements *Organizing *Orthotics *Parties *Pets *Photos *Planning for the future and appreciating the present *Positive thoughts and self talk *Possible thinking *Preparation for an upcoming event *Projects *Reading *Realize I always have choices *Realizing my limitations and my humanness *Realizing this difficulty is temporary *Realizing: I have enough, I do enough, I am enough *Recognizing that positive thoughts cause positive emotions and behaviors *Redecorating in some small way *Redirecting my thinking to a more comfortable place *Regrouping *Regular checkups *Regular routine *Relaxing quietly, resting, and de-stressing *Reminding myself,” It is what it is” *Replacing items correctly *Rescheduling activities *Research an interesting topic *Retainers *Rewards *Self confidence *Self expression *Self forgiveness *Service to others *Sex *Shopping *Single mindedness *Sitting with this emotion right now and validating it *Sorting drawers *Spirituality *Sports *Streams *Sunlight *Support *Support groups *Taking action *Teaching others *Tending to my inner child’s needs *The internet *Therapy *“To do” lists *Tolerance *Travel *TV *Vacations *Validation from a trusted friend *Vitamins *Volunteering *Walks *Work *W.R.A.P. *“Win/win” situations *Writing letters *Yard work *Yoga stretches AVOIDING: *Addictive substances *Certain people/groups *Crowds *Excess *Triggers *Unhealthy foods *Unhealthy relationships *Smoke *Stress *Procrastinating *Overbooking my day

Wellness Tools