March 31, 2015

Support for Crisis - Mad Map

The following article describes one family's experience with being thrown into a mental health crisis where hospitalization and medications were the treatment. Now that W.R.A.P. is available, we can have what this couple refers to as a "Mad Map" as an Advanced Mental Health Directive. Everyone involved can know what will be carried out in case of a Crisis situation. We can have a discussion ahead of time so that supporters can know how to support and the person having uncomfortable experiences can feel trustful of the care. W.R.A.P. stands for Wellness Recovery Action Plan. Read more about it by clicking on the pages above on this blog. 

I have a Wellness Plan (or Mad Map) and use it everyday. It has become so normal for me to ask myself, "what can I do right now as a Wellness Tool to bring more balance to this moment?" I have hundreds of ideas that work for me continuously. I would love to help you make a Wellness Plan for yourself using what you know works.

by Mark Lukach

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