May 29, 2014

Zentangles Provides Relief from Mediciation Withdraw

I love supporting those who are exploring creativity and art to relieve symptoms associated with medication withdraw.  Art for Insight involves trying various simple art techniques to use as Wellness Tools for your Action Plans when triggered. WRAP helps you to acknowledge your strengths and utilize them confidently. I feel empowered when I choose healthy tools to increase wellness in my life.
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STORIES: How Zentangle changes lives
I have been on several prescription medications for anxiety and depression for over 20 years.
I was recently diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease so it was incumbent on me to get off of as many of these drugs as possible so I could clear the way for further prescription help with the Parkinson’s. Little did I know that Zentangle would be my sole help during these months of withdrawal from my medication for anxiety.
Each time I felt the very unpleasant withdrawal symptoms come on I would sit down in my easy chair and begin drawing tangles. You know I spent almost three and a half weeks for up to 12 hours a day doing Zentangles to keep me calm and focused on keeping my sanity. It worked like a charm.
By the way, one would think that having Parkinson’s Disease with all the hand and body shaking, one couldn’t begin to tangle. I beg to differ … Zentangle has changed my life. I can now write, as before my signature came out very tiny or illegible (micrographia). The constant drawing has rewired my brain to accept hand-to-brain signals and has even helped me to do more things I couldn’t do before, like typing on the computer.
I really feel that Zentangles can help many people with so many difficult life problems if they only took the interest to start a Zentangle. You can meditate on your situation and continue to draw with the certain outcome that you have produced a wonderful Zentangle or more as I found out.
I started back into watercolors, colored pencils, pen and ink and more. I haven’t been able to hold my hand still long enough for over two years, maybe more. Now that I have completely come off my anxiety medicine I have a better outlook towards my artistic nature. I want to paint and draw even more. I believe Zentangles has reopened my natural God given talents in such a wonderful way. I still do several Zentangles a day and at least one larger ZIA each evening before I go to bed.
I can’t thank you enough for starting the How Zentangles help change my life series on line. What a great way to express your newfound joy in life.
Sincerely, Debbie S. – Miami, FL

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