April 30, 2014


I have been doing some presentations lately for recovery groups in Davis, Winters, St. Helena and Woodland to introduce people to the self-management system of WRAP and meeting some great people along the way. Some people have shared that they are currently learning to educate themselves on mental health issues, recovery and even tips on nutrition which goes right along with WRAP’s action plans that can be effective in their work and family life.
It is encouraging to hear how WRAP is empowering to those hearing about it for the first time since that is exactly how I feel after using this program for many years now to support my own health and wellness as well as lessening anxiety big time. I have been able to avoid needing psychiatric hospitalizations or the need for psychotropic medications with all their debilitating side effects and the anxiety they caused for many years.

I feel that the choices I make are in alignment with my values of tending to my mental health. I automatically think of Wellness Tools when I become Triggered by poor customer service. I automatically think of Wellness Tools when I get Triggered by unexpected rocks in the road on my journey to wellness. I know the power of my Daily Maintenance Plan being carried out every day as it gives me resiliency to unmet expectations. Some of the 200 Wellness Tools that I have listed in my own WRAP include self-expression, creating art, taking deep breaths, using the hot tub, getting enough sleep each day, eating breakfast before 10:00 and connecting with my wonderful husband who is a great support to me. Some of the things I have listed under the Triggers section are specific sounds that cause distress, overbooking my day, getting overwhelmed with disorganization and being around certain people who are not supportive of my WRAP for myself.

As I present what WRAP is and how it can be implemented in our lives in a user friendly sort of way, I can see the hope on listeners faces that there is a potential for this working for them and I am pleased. WRAP has worked for me. It could be useful for you. It has been used successfully by thousands of people across the globe who want to utilize self-nurturing more in their lives to create a new normal.

I was happy to see on the Wikipedia site for WRAP that it included that it is on the SAMHSA National Registry for Evidence-Based Programs and Practices which can be seen at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wellness_Recovery_Action_Plan

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Janet Laird, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator

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