January 22, 2012

Wellness Tools List

*Accept that stuff happens *Acknowledge how I feel is OK and it is part of the process *Acknowledge my needs and expressing them *Address situations logically, objectively and positively *Adequate sleep *Affirming and positive people *Allowing adequate time for each activity *Alternative health care *Anticipating potential triggers *Art *Asserting myself *Being alone *Being in the Wise Mind *Bouncing ideas off a friend *Boundaries *Brainstorming for solutions *Breaks *Bubble baths *Calendars and keeping appointments *Camping *Canceling appointments and retreating from “doing” *Candles *Cell phones *Changing my situation *Choices *Chocolate *Clarification *Clean bed sheets *Clean environment *Cleaning up after myself *Collage *Comfortable clothes *Comforting myself * Connection with others *Connecting with nature *Cooking and baking *Crying *Daily hygiene *Dance *DBT skills *Decluttering *Deep breathing *Diversionary activities *Documenting my moods *Doing something special for someone else *Drinking water *Eating healthy *Educating myself *Email *Exercise *Family *Field trips *Focusing exercises - asking what is separating me from being OK *Following my intuition *Free association list *Friends *Fun activities *Future plans *Gaining knowledge *Gardening *Getting the mail *Giving gifts *Giving myself permission *Goals *Gratitude list *Guided imagery * Having a focus *Having vision *Health care providers *Hobbies *Holidays *Hot Tubs *Hypnosis *Identifying triggers *Imagining a time I felt grounded and less fragmented *Inspirational literature *Journaling *Knowing hope *Laughter *List of accomplishments * Maintaining balance *Massage *Medication *Meditation *Mindfulness *Mini vacations *Minimize stress *Movies *Music *Ongoing achievements *Organizing *Orthotics *Parties *Pets *Photos *Planning for the future and appreciating the present *Positive thoughts and self talk *Possible thinking *Preparation for an upcoming event *Projects *Reading *Realize I always have choices *Realizing my limitations and my humanness *Realizing this difficulty is temporary *Realizing: I have enough, I do enough, I am enough *Recognizing that positive thoughts cause positive emotions and behaviors *Recording dreams *Redecorating in some small way *Redirecting my thinking to a more comfortable place *Regrouping *Regular checkups *Regular routine *Relaxing quietly, resting, and de-stressing *Reminding myself,” It is what it is” *Replacing items correctly *Rescheduling activities *Research an interesting topic *Retainers *Rewards *Self confidence *Self expression *Self forgiveness *Service to others *Sex *Shopping *Single mindedness *Sitting with this emotion right now and validating it *Sorting drawers *SoulCollage *Spirituality *Sports *Streams *Sunlight *Support *Support groups *Taking action *Teaching others *Tending to my inner child’s needs *The internet *Therapy *“To do” lists *Tolerance *Travel *TV *Vacations *Validation from a trusted friend *Vitamins *Volunteering *Walks *Work *WRAP *“Win/win” situations *Writing letters *Yard work *Yoga stretches AVOIDING: *Addictive substances *Crowds *Triggers *Unhealthy foods *Unhealthy relationships *Smoke *Stress *Procrastinating *Overbooking my day

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