August 4, 2009

SARK is one of my favorite authors/artist/inspiration. Visit her website called planet SARK for a fabulous message board that is the most active and inspirational message board I have ever seen anywhere. Her entire site is colorful and encouraging. There are freebies to draw your attention that are supportive. I use her theory of "micromovements" in my WRAP Workshops. She is recovering from many blows of life and yet perseveres and inspires.


  1. I enjoy SARK tremendously as well, ever since one of my wife's friends gave her a SARK book for her birthday. The book was Succulent Wild Women, but every time I'd pick it up and thumb through it, I realized it was for anyone who wanted to live life more creatively and experience life more fully. Also, I'm a big fan of "micromovements."

  2. Thanks for writing the first comment on my new blog. I use SARKs micromovement lesson when I facilitate WRAP Workshops and it is usually one of the most beneficial parts of the program.

  3. Hi Janet! thanks for your great words and work. I will happily recommend you. Glad to hear about micromovements working their magic....